Goldston Media  Demo Page

Cary Pall is now the creative director for Goldston Media. This page has both high quality audio demos and lower quality air checks. Some of these were rescued from old cassettes recorded on less-than-reliable equipment. Please keep this in mind when listening. More added as time permits, so check back for latest additions.  Thanks!

Imaging:    Cary's 2007 Imaging Demo (90 seconds)

Character Voices:    The CP Cartoon Voices used on WRHQ and WJZE production 1999-2002.

Spot Production:    Cary's February 2010 Compilation

Rock AC:    Cary Pall air check from WMMO, Orlando (May 1, 1993)

AAA/Alternative:    ABC "Modern Rock for Adults" 24-Hour Format imaging from 1996-97. 

AAA/Alternative:    Cary Pall air checks from ABC "Modern Rock for Adults" format 1996-97.

Sports:    WHLM-FM Football Promo July 2006. Voiced by CP, produced by Joe Reilly

AC Campaign:    The complete WMYI Dream Home Promotion from 1990, voiced by Jim Ballard. Produced, written by CP.

AC Imaging:     WRVF Promos 2002, written, voiced and produced by CP.

Rock AC:    WSRR Memphis "Theme Park" Aircheck 1996.

Imaging:    Goodstar Hot AC and Classic Rock Imaging, 1998. Hot ACs voiced by CP. Rock voiced by Mike Ortego.